Travelfreak.me is all about unusual, offbeat and spontaneous travel, ideas and experiences. It’s also about exploring amazing places, cultures and cuisines. There’s lot to see, learn and experience on this incredible planet filled with lyrical beauty packed in to the skies, oceans, rivers, mountains, jungles and deserts.

Travelfreak.me is a creation of Rajesh Deshpande and Rasika Deshpande, married Indians, passionate travelers, photographers, gourmets and bloggers. Rajesh and Rasika have traveled extensively in India exploring the diverse culture, traditions and cuisines. Travelfreak.me is a memoir of their wanderings in offbeat and touristy places across the country.

Take a slice of this bounty of nature, culture and cuisine through Travelfreak.me Read stories of offbeat and known places, travel ideas, itineraries, planning, photographs and some cool stuff. So let’s Get Out, Get Going ….


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