Food Culture of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is blessed with nature’s bounties. It’s a diverse landmass with tropical forests, rugged mountains, plains with rich black alluvial soil, rivers and also some arid areas. This ecological diversity is the reason due to which variety of crops, fruits and vegetables are grown in the state. Maharashtrian cuisine is austere yet full of flavourContinue reading “Food Culture of Maharashtra”

Velas Turtle Festival 2014

Velas is a quaint little village on the northern most tip of Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Over the past few years, it has become popular for the annual Velas Turtle Festival. The Olive Ridley is an endangered species of marine turtles worldwide. The Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra (SNM), an NGO along with local villagers and the Dept. of ForestsContinue reading “Velas Turtle Festival 2014”

Irani Cafes of Mumbai

Irani Cafés are the old world charm of Mumbai. They are in Mumbai for more than hundred years, perhaps even our Grandpa’s weren’t born then. The Irani’s who migrated from Persia brought in their unique food culture to India and soon became ubiquitous in Mumbai due to the Irani Chai and brun maska. The USPContinue reading “Irani Cafes of Mumbai”